What You Need to Know About Home Extension


Extending the home is a common and popular DIY home improvement job. Homeowners would want to be a bit more practical in doing so compared to transferring to a bigger house, which of course corresponds to bigger costs.

extensionhousingPlanning a home extension has several underlying reasons. It can be because you can’t afford to move for the meantime or perhaps you’re simply looking at improving your home’s value through putting Colorbond carports, extending the garage, building another room, or even doing some weatherboard Sydney.

But it’s not a typical do-it-yourself project. As a matter of fact, it is a home improvement job that involves a lot of preparation, even if you’re simply doing some minor vinyl cladding Sydney or the like. You ask questions like how much money are you putting in and do you need an architect to help you out in the design and building?

Regardless of how you’re building the extension, be it upwards, outwards, sidewards, or downwards, the cost will always be of primary consideration. It may well be the very factor that determines the level of work that needs to be done. But in most instances, there will be an average cost of extension per square meter that depends on your locality (price of material), whether it is for extending the loft or garage, colorbond carports, or simply doing some extension for the kitchen.

extentionplanningAlso, it’ll help your cause if you seek the advice or help of a local real estate agent, especially if you’re looking for an expert’s take on how you’re going to spend the money you have for the home extension project. This is especially true if you’re doing the project for the purpose of increasing the value of your home for the quicker sale to the market. If you do it on your own and you don’t have any prior experience, there will be a good chance that you didn’t really increase your home’s value or at least improve its curb appeal. If that happens, you just wasted away your money.

Now unless you have all the money courtesy of your savings, you will have to start thinking about the different financing options you have. For home extension projects, there are several ways for you to get funding. One of them is increasing your mortgage. As a matter of fact, it may well be the most common and sought after financing option today, regardless of the type of work needed for the extension. But do keep in mind that it’s best to look for all possible options, even if you’re simply planning for vinyl cladding Sydney. This is because each financing firm or lender has different interest rates and payment computations. Therefore, it’s best to keep your mind open for the various options you have.

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