Safe guard your dwelling planet, in order gift your predecessors a safe environment thrive in


Environment literally means our Surrounding in which we are thriving. Environment encompasses all those matters on which we are directly or indirectly dependent for existence. It is from the environment that we derive food to survive, water to satisfy our thrust, air to breathe in and all other basic necessities of day to day life. Thus it is the life support system. But this principal reservoir of natural life support is encountering threatening dangers. Dangers to the environment are increasing at an alarming rate and that to in a day to day basic.

Global warming:


Though the term is quite popular even in the school children, we the grown ups are least interested about it. Because according to our selfish happy go lucky nature, as long as the scarcities don’t lashes on us, we remain least bothered. But if we turn channels we can get a hand on proof of the debilitating effect of global warming. The polar ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising. The increase frequency of flood outbreak and scorching summer temperature are some of the effects behind melting of our poor planet earth.

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Increase in pollution coupled with population

The metropolitan city stuffed with thousands of heads and gallons of smoke, dust and plastics are the ones responsible for this. Increasing human population is assisted with the proportional decrease in greenery and other species. Thus tree, the principal autotrophs in your food chain is being outnumbered by tech genius mankind.

Loss of biodiversity

The enrich biodiversity is also facing a serious turmoil due to random deforestation, thus creating an imbalance in environmental equilibrium. This imbalance is harming mankind, because each and every species pay off to nature, at-least in certain extend in the long run.

Thus we are now in an urgent need to roll our sleeves and indulge into disaster management. The things we must follow to save our planet:

· Save plants, and promote greenery, because without one plant = 1 life. This can be done by preventing deforestation and planting adequate tress on road sides as well as in our homes

· Cut down the use of automobiles: yes this it a bit difficult, since we need to travel in cars, but we can reduce its use. For short distance you may take a walk, this not will reduces the pollution but also keeps you fit. Another thing can also be done, regular car check up, following environmental guidelines, this servicing will fractionally reduce the amount of toxic cholrofluoro carbons released from the exhaust pipes

· Save animal: For this we also are not sufficient, we need to take aid from government authorities to conserve our biodiversity. Government is also taking active measure, several reserve forests, wild life sanctuaries and in-situ conservational areas are develop and maintain by them.

There are several other measures we can undertake in order to protect our environment. As we all know the precaution is better than cure. But apart from these all we need to a bit cautious and responsible while using natural resources. Their sustainable use will preserve a bulk for the future needs and will also help the same to multiply in numbers.

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