Notes on Fire Safety at Work


Fire related injuries are growing by the day. That’s one good reason every individual should take time to mind about fire safety whether at home or at the office.  If you have a company to run, you must be ready with fire protection Sydney to assist you with your needs. You cannot put your whole office and the people in it in danger.

Be Proactive

This is one of the best advices you must heed. You should never take fire safety sitting down. This is something you should take seriously. Being proactive means you will do all the best you can to equip your office space with all the tools you need to prevent fire accidents from happening.

firesafetyIf you already have smoke detectors and fire alarms in place, being proactive means you get ahead of things. Let a maintenance crew keep an eye on your safety tools to ensure that they are working properly right. It will not have any use to have fire hydrant systems Sydney if they are not properly maintained and cared for. Maintenance is key in making sure that your tools will function, as they should, especially in case of emergencies. Instruct your maintenance team to always check on the fire protection tools in place. Never let them run out of power or batteries. Schedule a replacement task regularly.

Part of fire maintenance is also testing. You have to have your systems tested for functionality on a regular basis. It is best if you could perform a fire drill as often as needed. This will help your employees in the loop with regards to the working of your fire protection systems.

A fire drill is advisable at least every six months. Reviewing your office fire safety plan with your people will keep them informed on what to in case panic attacks due to a fire emergency.

Of course, being proactive also means that you are on top of all the possible fire incidents that may happen in the workplace. Simply unplugging the sockets when the office closes could considerably save lives and your whole property from burning down. Make sure that your employees are aware of the risks and the ways to go around those risks. It would not hurt to be doubly sure. Employ people, maintenance workers, who will check all things related to such risks. Also, you may install fireproof filing cabinets for important office documents as well as backup data that are stored offsite.

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