Tips for Re-Stocking the First Aid Kit at Work

It is quite unfortunate that most office administrators overlook their first aid kit at work. Most of the time, re-stocking is done only to comply with rules of the company or the Code of Practice in one’s city. However, making sure that the office is equipped with wholesale first aid supplies is of great consequence.

There are a few things that one should take note of when re-stocking the office first aid kit.

Compliance with the code practice

FirstAidKitFirst of all, employers and administrators should familiarize themselves with the Code of Practice or Environmental Health, Safety and Emergency Management that is advocated by the city where the agency is located. Calling these departments before you re-stock the first aid kit is recommended in case they have new rules and regulations regarding this.

Contents of a basic kit

The essentials that an office kit should have for first aid include bandages, antiseptic ointment for both wounds and burns, a pair of scissors, a couple of pairs of latex gloves, a pair of tweezers and pain relievers. All these should be placed in a container that is labeled as first aid kit.

A more comprehensive listing

However, those listed above are only a few first aid supplies Sydney Code of Practice advises offices to have. Here is a sample checklist of what a kit should actually contain:

  • Crepe and triangular bandages for support

  • Hypoallergenic tape and safety pins to secure bandages

  • Gauze pads to stop bleeding

  • Non-adherent pad for covering wounds

  • Gauze swab for cleaning wounds

  • Large eye pad

  • Alcohol swabs for cleaning instruments

  • Antiseptic swabs for cleaning wounds

  • Disposable cold packs

  • A pair of scissors, tweezers and forceps

  • Disposable latex gloves, face shields

  • Burn and itch-relief medication in sachets

  • Pain Relievers

That listing is just one set of the wholesale first aid supplies some companies offer for office use.

Important notables

A first aid guidebook with contact information of hospitals and paramedic services and tips on how minor injuries can be addressed should be in that kit, too. Include a small notebook and pen there as well. Most importantly, the expiration dates of all the supplies must be in the checklist too.

Rarely will one experience major injuries or illnesses in the workplace but one should always be prepared for anything. Having a good set of wholesale first aid supplies is a must. It will make the employees feel safer in case anything happens.

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