Short History on Cherry Pickers

elevatedplatformOne of the great things about being an operator of a cherry picker is that the worker can be hired for a bevy of different jobs, from huge projects like construction and mining to something seemingly less difficult such as cable TV installation.

If you are thinking of becoming one, you need to train for it and get the necessary certification first. But before you enroll for this and spend money on it, here are some of the things which are involved in this kind of job. Take note of it all and see if you can actually handle it.

Great Heights
If you have seen an elevated work platform (a variation of a cherry picker) before, you will see that the workers get raised to great heights. When the boom is extended horizontally, you could be looking at a height of about twenty feet. When it is extended vertically, it could reach up to 40 feet.

If you’re slightly alto- or acrophobic, this may not be the perfect job for you. Sure, there are a lot of safety mechanisms on the hydraulics and the platform itself but if you are constantly nervous, it may ruin your focus on the job.

Working Conditions
This would naturally depend on the field which you have chosen. If you’re with an electric company and your job is to fix electric lines in the suburbs, there may be fewer problems. But other operators of cherry pickers may be sent out to mining sites where there are bigger safety issues like falling rocks and eroded grounds.

Mechanical Know-how
As an operator of this kind of equipment, workers are expected to learn how to deal with mechanical and hydraulic stuff as well. It is a machine and, however well-oiled and maintained it may be, it is prone to damage and breakdown. Frequent check-up before using it is a must. This will prevent any untoward incidents on the site.

Another variation of this machine is called a travel tower. This works exactly like the first two mentioned above except that it is installed on the back of a large truck. Usually, the driver of the truck and the operator of the cherry picker are two different persons. But just in case you will be the one working on both, you should know how to deal with problems which may arise on the travel towers and the engine of the truck as well.

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