Safe Pest Control

Nobody wants to live in a building that has been invaded by unwanted creatures such as rats, ants, roaches, bedbugs and termites. These creatures are commonly termed as pest and are detrimental to building tenants and residents’ health as well as to ecology and economy.

safepestBuilding owners in order to provide the best living condition to residents and tenants hire Exterminators to apply Pest Control Solutions that will not cause any risk in human and the environment. An Exterminator is a trained worker who removes pest like rats, termites, bugs, mosquitoes and ants that have infested the building and its surroundings. They are trained in pesticides safety and are licensed by a government body that supervises the regulation and management of pest control.

Pest control is categorized into two. These are Biological and mechanical pest control. The control of pest in Biological means is done through control and management of natural predators and parasites. An example of this is the use of Bacillus thuringiensis in controlling mosquitoes. Biological pest control aims to provide pest control with minimum harm on the environment and that are safe to human.

On the other hand, mechanical pest control such as non toxic pest control use fogging and misting type application using liquid insecticides that are dispersed or sprayed within the building structures without evacuation or airtight sealing. Oftentimes application is through a continuous work basis to allow penetration within the building structures.  It is a good example of safe pest control that allows minimal residual effects preventing human contamination and pest spreading.

While the government has its own pest control to help the community gets rid of pest and protects the environment and the population; it works side-by-side with private pest control companies to see to it that residential and commercial building are provided with safe pest control. The State regulates these private Exterminators by requiring them to submit for certification for safety and compliance with the laws. This is to ensure the population and the environment is safeguarded from negative consequences resulting to unsafe use of pesticides or toxic chemicals used for pest control. This is also to ensure protection for owners of residential or building property whenever there is a need to hire a Commercial Pest Control Sydney.

Safe pest Control is not merely eliminating and preventing the spread of pest species elsewhere but mostly in assuring the balance between human and animals as well as ensuring safe and natural habitat for both species.

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