Best Places to Rent or Buy Property in Annandale

Are you looking for a property to rent or buy? You can consider looking for properties that are for rent or for sale in the suburb of Sydney – Annandale. This is a suburb in the Inner West part of Sydney. Why in this suburb, you may ask?

  • apartmentAnnandale is an affluent suburb.

  • It is strategically located to the Central Business District of Sydney, which is about three to five km away.

  • When it comes to leisure activities in this suburb, Annandale is located near the Rozelle Bay that is part of the Sydney Harbor.

  • Public transportation in Annandale is abundant and you can use buses and trams going to and from Sydney and other nearby places.

The above are just some of the positive notes of living in Annandale. Fortunately, there are several Annandale apartments being offered for rent or rent-to-buy. The apartments for rent in this suburb may come in one, two, three or more bedrooms and comes in rates that are very affordable. In fact, experts viewed that the accommodation rate in this place is a bargain considering that you will be living near the CBD of Sydney as well as to the city center. The advantage of convenience and comfort integrated with the nice city fringe living makes living in this suburb very ideal.

Since the rental properties are situated in the lively Sydney’s inner west, and is about moments from the heart of Sydney, you can find several furnished studio apartments Sydney that will become the ideal ‘base camp’ especially if you are a professional working in Sydney or just a visitors staying for an extended period. Most of the apartments in Annandale are located near the major areas in the city such as bus and tram stations, restaurants and many more. In addition, these apartments are not just made to give you a place to sleep, but also offers a true living experience with landscaping outside and private balcony. True enough, you can find a ‘sanctuary’ in the inner city of Sydney.

Most of the furnished apartments to rent inner Sydney are fitted with contemporary appliances as well as having the style of a suite with a kitchen and furniture. This arrangement is sure to make your Sydney living very simple and convenient. The ride from the apartment to the city center and CBD is now shortened to just few minutes. Professionals, tourists or anyone wanting to live in Sydney will find the right property to rent or buy in Annandale and it will be a good investment for the future.

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