In Need of Snake Handlers? Here’s What to Expect From a Snake Catcher Service

man catches a snake

If you have doubts on the safety of your family this summer, it is best to have your surroundings checked not only from fires but as well as from pests and animals like snakes that may put your loved ones’ life in danger. Sydney snake catcher gives services not only within Sydney but also to nearby areas such as Wollongong and Blue Mountains where contacts with snakes are part of everyday living. For your information, here are what to expect from snake catcher services.

man catches a snakeRelocation

If snakes are found and are confirmed to be present in your location, snake catcher/removal services provides relocation service where snakes are found and handle them with utmost care.  Snake removal handlers are trained to safely remove snakes and relocate the animals to a safer place. This is in accordance to country’s compliance to humane treatment of animals and to animal welfare law.

Snake proofing services

It is typical for a Sydney snake catcher, in conjunction with snake catcher/removal services, to offer snake-proofing service to ensure no other snakes will be able to enter your location in the future. Since areas vary in accordance to its natural environment, snake proofing is handled on a case-to-case basis and only professional snake catchers/handlers are allowed to perform the task.

Public information campaign

Not all snakes pose dangers to human life however not everybody are aware of this and a contact with snakes may lead to harming them. As part of its services, a Sydney snake catcher does public information campaign to help residents to know more about snakes. Most of them have websites and blogs that give information on snakes, their natural habitat and hunting characteristics. There are also useful tips on what to do when there is contact with snakes and the emergency numbers of the nearest snake removal in Sydney for snake emergencies.

Licensed and professionally trained staff

All snake handlers are professionally trained by accredited Australia’s animal welfare agencies. It is typical for a snake catcher to get his license from local National Parks and Wildlife. He gets his training from Wires and has specialization training courses in humane handling of Australian wildlife. He is expected to be an expert of control and management of snakes as well as risks assessments for business and work places.

When you come in contact with snakes in your area, let the right persons handle the job of removing and disposing them. Call a snake catcher or removal services or visit


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