Ideal tips for less power consumption


Here is the most crucial question, which is needed to solve or to come up with effective alternate to save energy and use it as a sustainable way. We usually heard about power crisis through electric media, printed news, etc. and feel the same problems at home as power load shed.


The reason why we are facing huge energy crisis is because we have limited source of exhaustible energies like coal, oil or petroleum, and natural gases. Human’s needs are increasing by the fast marching pace of time and their need too.

So why do we need to save energy?

  • Nonrenewable energies are exhaustible once they are used.
  • We have very limited source of renewable sources which takes around 1000’s of years to get converted from fossils to fuel.
  • If not taken control over it then our future generation will deprived with the use of renewable sources.

Another query comes in our mind is, why do we need to be energy efficient?

As we all are aware of the fact that how it’s is important in our life to save energy. It is because; wastage of energy means wastage of money, saving energy is good for environmental health as it enhances the national self-dependency and gives us a better quality of life.

Here I am present with useful energy tips to sustain and to reduce the amount of energy we uses in our daily purposes.

  • Replace your old appliances which take more power consumptions.
  • While buying new electrical appliances for your house make sure what amount of power and water it going to consume, like if it is a dish washer check out the amount of water it will take per cycle.
  • Use light emitting diode (LED) and compact fluorescent lights (CFL) bulbs which is known for its least consumption power capacity.
  • To keep your house warm or cool for a long time make sure your house is completely insulated from inside.
  • Use inexpensive ways like bubble wrap, paper, plastics, ceramic materials, etc. on the whole and ventilators from inside.
  • Always keep your windows and doors closed and try to open scarcely.
  • Use cold water to washing clothes in the machine.
  • Buy a smart meter, which measures the amount of electric, natural gas and water consumption.
  • For saving, regular paid electricity, you can do one time small investment in solar panel to generate solar energy for your entire house.
  • You should not waste unnecessarily water, which can lead to increase your water meter.
  • Keep the water geysers, lights, fans, ACs, hot plates and heaters off while not in use.
  • If you are going for a long holiday, take all the things, out from your fridge and use them before they get degrade, also don’t forget to put all the electrical appliances off before leaving.
  • If it is a office or corporate building, then install motion detectors, so that all the needless appliances get switched off itself.
  • Use cold water to wash clothes and dishes which can lead to reduce amount of energy ehich your water heater is going to take.
  • Install thermostat or auto temperature control, which can sense the temperature in its surrounding area and maintains to the desired set point. It will support to reduce extra power loss.
  • Search for Energy star label electrical gadgets, which must be tagged with government’s symbol of sustaining energy.
  • Few solar gadgets have been introduced to the market like solar lamps, solar torches, solar cookers, solar fans, etc., which you can charge then during the day and use at night.
  • Try to finish your daily activities early as possible with twilight or sunset to save energies to be used at night.
  • Install wind mill outside of your house, yes! you can do that, and generate electricity on your own.
  • Plant trees, to get more shades for your house will help your house to be cool during the summer.
  • Use biogas or gobar gas (cow dung generated gases) to use as a cooking gas.

So, there are many ways to be energy efficient. Hopefully these less energy tips will definitely help you move forward and save your time and money.

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