Environmental Sustainability: The Threats and Ways to Overcome Them


environmental_sustainabilityIn order to ensure the availability of natural resources for upcoming generations, human beings need to observe environmental sustainability. Environmental sustainability can be described as the interaction with the environment in order to prevent degradation and depletion of natural occurring resources and allow environmental quality long-term. Therefore, when human beings create a path for pollution and destruction as well as misuse natural resources, without giving the environment a chance for it to replenish, the upcoming generations will not be able to provide for their needs. Some threats to environmental sustainability include:

Getting rid of natural resources.

Agricultural practices pose a great risk to natural resources like forests and water. Many developed countries practice industrial agriculture which mainly relies on irrigation. This excessive use of water can drain groundwater stores very fast. This makes it hard for them to be replenished.

Many underdeveloped countries depend on subsistence agriculture that only caters for the farmer and his household. Such practices in less-developed and overpopulated are the leading causes of deforestation. The cutting down of trees is done in order to create space for farming. The cutting down of trees has numerous side effects, which includes soil erosion. It can also result to dry climates as trees absorb water from the ground and transmit it to the air. Destruction of trees will also increase the levels of carbon dioxide since trees absorb and store it.


Burning of fossil fuels will often result to pollution. Pollution is another form of threat to a sustainable environment. When these fuels are burned, they emit pollutants to the atmosphere like hydrocarbons, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide. When the above airs combine with suspended particles in the atmosphere, the end result is smog. Not only is smog harmful to human health, but also to other living creatures.

With continued growth of human population on the earth, threats to environmental sustainability cannot be completely eliminated. However, there are precautions that can be undertaken to reduce the impact. Some of them include minimizing environmental pollution and preventing the cutting down of trees. Being aware is also crucial even if an individual’s modified actions will not seem to have a major impact, beginning at the local level, to a statewide level, eventually nationally, will ensure we make a global impact. It is also vital for an individual to know how much they consume and their amount of footprint and waste.

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