Does Your Builder Meet Your Needs?


Choosing the one who will build your home is like selecting from among hundreds of candidates who wants to be your life partner. A home is an important and very expensive investment, so a few mistakes should be avoided as much as possible. To maximize land value, a lot of people are thinking of building dual occupancy homes. Before embarking on such project, you have to be sure that the builder will meet your needs so that the results will match your expectations.

Depositphotos_58149831_s-2015With multi-dwelling buildingsyou need to have the assurance that the builder has what it takes to go through with the project. First thing to check and consider is whether they provide several designs that you can choose from. The designs should be appropriate to your vision, budget, and the kind of lifestyle that you have. If you are opting for a dual occupancy building, it is essential to have designs on hand that will allow minimal changes like tweaking the floor plan to your liking and other customizations.

Moreover, let the builder explain about the NatHERS assessment of the design. Even from the first meeting, this should be discussed thoroughly so that your home will comply with all the regulations set by the government. The builder should give an assurance that the design will pass the assessment.

Does the builder stick with design or budget restrictions? If not, he should be able to back up his reasoning, especially when there are a lot of things to consider like safety, quality, and design modifications.

Most importantly, does the builder give importance to a BASIX Certificate? As a future homeowner, you need to know how important it is to follow the NSW Government target of achieving a greener community. A certification will guarantee that you will reduce greenhouse gas as well as save up to 40% of your home’s water consumption.

Further, you may check previous projects to have an idea how a builder completes a project. Look for those who recently had dual occupancy buildings. Hence, you may speak with the owner if you want so you can get a thorough explanation on why you should or not get the services of such builder.

These things will help you gain control on selecting the best builder for your home. It will give you peace of mind knowing that the builder can meet your needs and will deliver the perfect dream home.

Are you opting for a dual home to maximize the potential profits of your property? Consult to learn more.

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