Asbestos Removal Company in Sydney- Helping Homeowners Against Deadly Asbestos Exposure


Asbestos is a chemical with more than 3000 industry applications. Hence, Australia is among with high consumption until mid-1980′s and approximately one third of homes in Australia contain asbestos products. This widespread use of asbestos has prompted government’s concern on environment safety as well as on people. On this note, asbestos identification in Sydney is as busy as the bees in helping people and community in dealing with the deathly residue of asbestos materials.

Asbestos containing materials or ACM in homes


Houses built before the mid-1980′s is highly likely to have ACM and would have asbestos containing materials if built around 1990′s. Roof sheeting and capping, guttering, vinyl sheet flooring , imitation brick cladding,  building boards, window putty , concrete formwork and fencing are among  the areas found to have asbestos containing materials. Asbestos identification in Sydney help owners determine whether materials used contain asbestos through sampling and asbestos testing. The process starts with an asbestos survey, which identifies locations and conditions. Collecting of samples follows accordingly when asbestos residue is properly identified.

During the sampling process, an Asbestos identification in Sydney that is accredited by National Association of testing Authority collect samples by following carefully guidelines sets by Safe Work Australia. The area should be isolated and that no one else around during the sample collection. During the process of sample collection, a professional asbestos removal follows rigid and strict rules as mandated in taking the sample. Wearing disposable gloves, using plastic drop sheets and resealable plastic bags, damp rags for cleaning are properly followed. Proper labeling is also strictly observed as well as cleaning up the area.

Once asbestos is removed, the waste is received and disposed by a facility licensed to receive and dispose asbestos waste. Homeowners looking for more information can turn to professional asbestos waste removal for safe removal, transport, and disposal of asbestos waste or on soil remediation in removing other contaminants’ presence before building or home renovation.

If your home is built after 1990’s, there is less dangers of asbestos containing materials however with the popularity of asbestos as components of many building materials, it is safer to have your home tested for asbestos or other contaminants such as hydrocarbons, heavy metals, cyanides and pesticides.

During natural disasters, it is likely that contaminants like asbestos fibers are released and it is recommended that homes are identified and tested by contaminants to prevent exposure. Homeowners are advised to contact local council if faced with property damaged by fire or floods and other natural disasters as there is no other more important than protecting lives and the environment where we live.

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