Asbestos Awareness Training: The Key in Preventing Asbestos Mishaps at Work and in the Environment


It’s the duty and responsibility of employers to have their workers get proper information, training and awareness on the effect of any asbestos disturbance during their normal work. It’s also the employers’ duty to give or allow workers or their people who supervise the work to get asbestos awareness training to ensure ultimate safety not only for workers but for themselves and the environment as well.asbestos2

There are three levels of asbestos awareness and all are related to awareness, licensing and works that require licensing. Employers are guided to employ TNT or training needs analysis to help determine what topics should be covered to make sure workers and supervisors are competent in undertaking asbestos awareness training to avoid putting themselves at risk as well as other people at work.

Employers should also be guided that this kind of awareness information, instruction and training is only intended for workers and those who supervise them to get information how asbestos disturbance may take place at normal work and how to avoid it. It is also basically getting informed what materials may contain asbestos and that could be disturbed during normal work. In case employers or self-employed individuals would undertake asbestos removal, an added information and training is required.

Generally, workers involved in maintenance works, plumbing, electrical works, painting and decorating, construction works, roofing (installing and repairs), gas and shop fitting works, heating and ventilation works, and demolition works are mandated to have asbestos awareness training before they’ll be given permits and license to perform or carry out their services. This is done because of the high possibility of asbestos will be disturbed on these types of works. The awareness training and information should cover the properties of asbestos and its effect on health and the environment and the risks on workers who smoke. It should also cover the use and types of materials that may contain asbestos as well as plants and building materials with asbestos content. The asbestos awareness training should also cover asbestos exposure and on how to detect and avoid it.

The good news is employers can now make use of online asbestos training and this e-learning method for asbestos information and awareness has been recommended by the government as long as requirements are met and providers strictly comply with  government regulations and on approved codes  on working with asbestos.

Asbestos is a popular building material because of its great insulation properties used for fire protection and its great resistance property against chemical erosion however science and health authorities have identified it as a secret killer and a training awareness on asbestos is the first step in avoiding any asbestos mishap at work and in the environment.

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