About ASF

When we talk about environment sustainability, it involves taking actions that are for the interest of protecting natural environment with emphasis on preserving and protecting its capability to support human life and every living creature.

We take the challenge of making people realize the full impact that individuals and business can have on the environment and the community. In this blog, we will be working on the a commitment to help people make decision and take the first step in reducing the amount of waste they produce as well as taking the initiatives to use less energy and create  a completely sustainable environment and community today and in the future.

When we started this blog, we have started working on how sustainability can generate a lot of attention not only from the people but as well as from the government and get help from the different media focusing on the strength of the internet as a medium

We are taking the role of a promoter as well as a practitioner and contributor to encourage our readers to take a position and stand to make a difference.

We are here not only to talk about sustainable environment but to create with the help of our readers and supporters a real sense of what sustainability is: its importance and how it is affecting our present and our future.

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